Proheat M-Series
Ultra-Powerful Coolant
Heater for Demanding
Off-Highway Applications


With up to 125,000 BTU of output, the Proheat M-Series is an ultra-powerful, cold weather auxiliary heating solution for Off-Highway applications. This diesel-powered heater preheats the engine to ensure quick and reliable starts while reducing engine wear. Proheat M-Series heaters are also powerful enough to supply supplemental interior heat for driver comfort while the main engine is running. The heater is designed to be accessible and easily serviced by technicians to help minimize down time. Optional CAN Bus connectivity means the heater can be seamlessly installed on vehicles that rely on the J1939 network standard.


M-Series Kit


X45 Heavy Equipment



Heater Features
  • Diesel-powered coolant heater
  • Produces 50,000/125,000 BTU/hr (15/37kW)
  • Engine preheat reduces start-up wear and tear
  • Generates supplemental heat for drivers
  • Optional control of an external coolant pump
Optional Components
  • Datalink diagnostic software
  • CAN Bus/J1939 connectivity
Two Year Warranty
Proheat M-Series is backed by a two year parts and labor warranty and is supported by a network of Authorized Proheat Dealers across the United States and Canada. For specific terms, you can access our warranty through this link.