X45 Plus


Part No. Description PDF File Size
925860 Installation & Service Manual 15.5Mb
925855 Owner's Handbook 1.5Mb
958829 T-II Timer Installation & Operating
SL9170 Parts Manual 3.9Mb


Installation Instructions

Part No. Description PDF File Size
204502 Terminal Removal Tool Instructions
Part No. 200155K
946265 X45 Coolant Pump Rebuild Kit Part# 865893K 260k
980010 X45 Coolant Pump Kit Part# 940326K, 942820K 560k
982921 Oetiker Stepless Screw Clamp Part# 962823K 385k

X45 Compressor Test Gauge Part# PK0060
Pressure Gauge Atmospheric Calibration



Marketing Materials

Part No. Description PDF File Size
SL9020 Timer Specification Sheet 235k
SL9145 X45 Plus Brochure 1.2Mb
SL9088 X45 Plus Selection Guide 120k
SL9114 X45 Plus Truck Data Sheet 755k
SL9161 X45 Plus School Bus Data Sheet 708k
SL9162 X45 Plus Off-HighWay Data Sheet 690k
SL9163 X45 Plus Coach Data Sheet 708k


Technical Bulletins

Part No. Description PDF File Size
SB0002 Service Bulletin, Fall Check/Service Procedure 491k
SB0040 Service Bulletin, Coolant Pump Identification and Repair 647k
SB0060 Service Bulletin, Air Compressor Pressure Measuring & Setting Procedure 631k
SB0062 Service Bulletin, Fuel Pump Pressure Check and Service 1.5Mb
PB0041 Product Update Bulletin, T-II 7 Day Digital Timer 360k
PB0046 Product Update Bulletin, Rocker Switch,
On/Off, 12/24 Volt
997998 Product Update Bulletin, X45 Plus 23 pin PCM 1.4Mb


X45 Plus PCM Software

Part No. Description File Size
200980K Datalink Rev. 17 (January 10, 2024 Update) 72.9Mb (.ZIP)
207500B Datalink 7 Quick Start Guide 7.6Mb (PDF)

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